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The Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers (M.A.W.L) is committed to promoting activities directed toward the advancement of women in the profession of law and in society. To that end, we present educational programs and host social events where members have the opportunity to network with others in a professional and collegial atmosphere. In addition, membership in M.A.W.L entitles you to a membership in the College Club, located in a brownstone in Boston’s historic Back Bay.



M.A.W.L. is the oldest women’s bar association in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. M.A.W.L. was established in 1905 at a time when women were not even allowed to vote.  The Association grew out of dinner meetings held several times a year by Boston’s few women attorneys, who met to exchange and offer support to each other.  The Association has certainly grown since that time and has enjoyed great success over the past one hundred years.  M.A.W.L. boasts many of this state’s judges as its past Presidents and members.

Today, M.A.W.L. remains an important part of the Massachusetts bar associations. While welcoming all members of the bar,  M.A.W.L continues to focus on providing networking and support for the Commonwealth’s women lawyers. M.A.W.L. continues to serve as a unique organization wherein attorneys can find support from one another and expand their professional network through banquets, lectures, meet and greets and formal meetings in an environment that remains free from any political affiliations or positions.



The Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers recently published a history, entitled “One Hundred Years of Women Lawyers”. If you would like a copy, we would be happy to send you one upon request with payment of your dues. If you have already paid your dues and would like a copy, please send an email to MAWL at info@mawl.org.



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